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Why Use the Activator Method?

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Are you experiencing neck or back pain? 

Does the idea of being twisted and cracked like a pretzel give you anxiety?

The idea of twisting and cracking the spine to correct alignment gives many people valid anxiety—the Activator technique is a proven alternative to manual chiropractic methods.

What is the Activator Method?

The Activator Method involves the use of a high precision handheld device that delivers gentle mechanical thrusts to the vertebrae. These thrusts can move the vertebrae into better alignment, which can improve not only neck and back pain, but also posture and joint motion. The device and method are highly researched and low risk. By using this device, chiropractors have more control over the adjustments, meaning that it doesn’t compromise your safety.

This technique allows for quick adjustments because it can pinpoint the exact areas needing adjustment, making appointments both quick and painless. This makes the Activator Method great for kids, older people, and others who otherwise prefer to avoid traditional chiropractic methods.

Dr. Bill Thatcher is a world expert in the use of the Activator Method of chiropractic. He is colleagues with the creator of the Activator Method, Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr. He has been using the Activator Method since he was in chiropractic college, and made a name for himself as an expert in the field. By focusing on the Activator Method, Dr. Thatcher can help correct spinal alignment without invasive or painful procedures.

To Inquire About the Activator Method, Search for a “Chiropractor Near Me”

If you need a gentle, painless alternative to manual adjustments, search for a “chiropractor near me” and contact Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser to set up an appointment. Dr. Thatcher uses highly researched, tried-and-true equipment to give you effective and safe chiropractic care.