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How Dr. Bill Utilizes The Activator Method to Relieve Back Pain

Activator Explanation


Looking for a healthcare decision that will actually make a difference in your life?

Tired of waking up every morning with chronic pain that keeps you from doing the daily activities you love?

You deserve a gentle, safe, and evidence-based approach to your care. Instead of using manual manipulation, we use the noninvasive Activator instrument. This type of treatment involves a high precision handheld device that delivers gentle mechanical thrusts to the vertebrae.

These gentle thrusts move the vertebrae into better alignment, which improves not only neck and back pain, but also posture and joint motion. The device and method are highly researched and low risk. By using this device, Dr. Bill has more control over the adjustments, so it doesn’t compromise your safety.

Why Use The Activator Instead of Traditional Adjustments?

This technique allows for quick adjustments because it can pinpoint the exact areas needing adjustment, making appointments both quick and painless. This makes the Activator Method great for kids, older people, and others who otherwise prefer to avoid traditional chiropractic methods.

Dr. Bill has been using Activator Methods® since he was in chiropractic college. There, he befriended the founder of this technique, taught it to other students and soon became considered an expert in the field.

“Dr Thatcher is the best. I have been to various chiropractors and different methods for the care from them and Dr Thatcher's activator method and his understanding of the body and what it needs to heal is of the utmost best. One cannot get better chiropractic care.” – Google Review

“From start to finish, my experience with Thatcher Chiropractic has been nothing but positive. The office staff and assistants are friendly and helpful. The evaluation and treatment plan/methodology are explained clearly and thoroughly. Dr. Thatcher listens carefully before each session to target problem areas and adjust treatment based on what he hears and sees. The activator is gentle and incredibly effective. I could not recommend this practice more.” – Google Review

Get Back Pain Relief with The Activator

Many people feel apprehensive about being adjusted by a chiropractor. They worry it involves being "cracked" or twisted up like a pretzel. You may have heard stories from other people that have made you nervous, or you might feel anxious not knowing what to expect. You'll soon be breathing a sigh of relief when you experience our soft touch that helps relieve your back pain. The Activator is highly researched, gentle and doesn't compromise your safety.

If you'd like to find out more about what we do, contact our friendly team today! We'll set you up with your first appointment as a new patient through a quick and painless intake process. You can usually get in on the same day and existing patients can stop by for a convenient walk-in visit!