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The Most Powerful Back Pain Prevention Technique

A man holding his lower back | Best rated chiropractor Ann Arbor

Do you experience lower back pain?

Are you searching for relief?

Dr. Thatcher’s book, 7 Secrets to Managing Lower Back Pain, explains that there are rarely home runs when it comes to managing lower back pain. Usually, the solution is a lot of singles or base hits, and here’s a really important one: 

Tighten Your Gut

Every time you are about to bend, lift, or exert yourself, before you make a move, first tighten your gut!

If someone was about to punch you in the stomach, and you knew it was coming, you would tighten your stomach to protect yourself. That’s precisely how you should tighten your gut.

If you are going to bend over to tie the kitchen trash bag, before you begin to bend, first tighten your gut, and hold it tight until you are upright once again.

If you bend over the sink to brush your teeth, first, tighten your gut!

Before you pull that rope on the lawn mower, first, tighten your gut!

Before you pull those wet blue jeans out of the washing machine, first, tighten your gut!

Train yourself until this is absolutely a subconscious habit. Before you ever bend, lift, or exert yourself, you first, tighten your gut!

If you do this one prevention technique, and do it every time, you will hardly ever strain your lower back.

Ease Your Lower Back Pain with One of the Best Rated Chiropractors in Ann Arbor

Does lower back pain affect your daily life?

Does pain prevent you from living the way you want to?

You don’t have to live in pain! 

Visiting a chiropractor can help align your spine, reduce inflammation, and relieve your pain. Dr. Bill Thatcher, one of the best rated chiropractors in Ann Arbor, uses a safe and gentle Activator Technique that doesn’t rely on cracking and twisting.  

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