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Ann Arbor Chiropractor Dr. Bill Thatcher and his staff are passionate about relieving pain. With our gentle, safe and effective care, you'll find the relief you've been looking for.

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When you walk into Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser, you'll feel the calm and peace of our environment wash over you.

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We believe that transparency is the key to any healthy relationship. At Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser, we’re all about healthy.

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The information contained in this Site is for general guidance on matters of health interest only.

About Us


You might be wondering why you should choose us for your health care. There are plenty of chiropractors in Ann Arbor. We aren't like anywhere else you've ever experienced.

Meet Dr. Bill Thatcher


If you've been trying to find a chiropractor in Ann Arbor, contact us today to schedule your appointment!

New Patients


We welcome walk-ins and often have same-day appointments available.

Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser Answers Common Questions


People who are new to chiropractic or have never been to Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser often wonder how it works or what we do. Find answers to some of our FAQS.

Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser Reviews


We love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. We owe it to our patients to try and be the best rated chiropractor in Ann Arbor!

Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser Video Reviews


We owe it to our patients to try and be the best rated chiropractor in Ann Arbor!

Chiropractic Care


Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser is in-network with several insurances, including Medicare and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Experience the benefits of chiropractic in Ann Arbor!

Activator® at Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser


Instead of using manual manipulation, we use the noninvasive Activator instrument to make gentle adjustments to the spine.

Laser Therapy at Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser


We're one of the few laser therapy chiropractors in Ann Arbor, and we can get you in right away.

Chiropractic Exercises




We offer same-day visits and are proud to be a walk-in chiropractor in Ann Arbor!

Learn More


How Raking Leaves Can Lead to Back Pain


The repetitive motion and bending over while raking leaves can cause pain for many people. Learn how to prevent this pain.

Why You Should Never Crack Your Own Neck or Back


Cracking your neck or back can cause more damage than you might think. Manipulating the spine is a delicate process and should be left to professionals.

Secrets to Managing Lower Back Pain


If you’re looking for chiros in Ann Arbor to help you with your lower back pain, contact Thatcher Chiropractic & Laser today!

Get Moving Again with Sports Chiropractic


Free yourself from the torment of pain. If you think a sports chiropractor in Ann Arbor might be right for you, call us at (734)663-2300 or send us a message today.